Once upon a time, there lived two brothers, Peter and John. They both were doing good; however, their ideologies were totally different. While Peter called HARD WORK as his mantra of success, John gave the credit to his GOOD LUCK.

“Nothing is impossible for a person who is hard working”, Peter said

“If your time is good, your wishes are delivered at your door-steps” was John’s philosophy.

They loved each other a lot. However, once they started arguing about the supremacy of their own philosophy. The argument reached up-to the wise King. Initially, the King wanted to announce the hard working Peter as right, however, he was dumbfounded after hearing both the sides because of the various examples and arguments provided to him. In fact, all the courtiers and the whole kingdom were divided between two sides.

The king took the matter seriously and after discussion with his trusted courtiers, he announced, “John and Peter have caused a lot of confusion among the society. While I am committed to find the answer, I am also announcing a two day punishment for the brothers in a dark room. When their doors open after two days, I will give my verdict”. Everyone was shocked with the wise King’s unfair decision. However, no one spoke anything.

The dark cell was the worst thing that could happen to Peter and John. They had never been treated like this before. Initially, they held on to each other in the dark prison. Slowly, they got used to of it and then they were using their own philosophies of how to survive 48 hours without any food and supplies. One day passed and the brothers were starving.  John started praying his lucky Gods to send him some food while Peter decided to scan the dark prison for anything to eat. Several hours passed, Peter was tired and sweating, john was almost laughing at his vain efforts when suddenly, Peter came across something. He found a loaf of bread in one corner of the prison. The two brothers shared it equally and survived the day.

The next morning, they were presented to the King, who was still undecided. However, the King asked them one last time if they could reach any resolution amongst themselves. Peter said, “Yes my lord, during the prison time, I worked hard and found the bread to survive while John was counting on luck. So, it’s clear that hard work is supreme.” Everyone seemed to agree while John said. “O King! I knew that my luck will bring me food and so it happened. Our luck brought the bread for us in the prison”. The murmurs in the court rose.

King had also done his home work in the mean while. He concluded, “Hard work and Luck are two sides of the same coin. They are equally important but often, one is useless without the other. Only luck is handicapped without hard work and only hard work is blind without luck. So, hard work and good luck are friends of each other. Those who try to separate them, often live a miserable life.” Everyone in the kingdom reflected back in their lives and realized that the King’s conclusion was absolutely true.

If you want your dreams to become reality and be delivered at your door-step, be ready to work hard.

I’m a great believer in LUCK and I find the harder I WORK, the more I have of it. ~ Thomas Jefferson


Six Steps to be an Achiever and Limitless In 2018

Some secrets help you leap forward in life. Interestingly, the most rewarding secrets are known to everyone but implemented only by a few. The rest keep analyzing them. This article unravels some of the most powerful secrets, step by step to help you be limitless. No better time than New Year to ignite a spark towards a life you deserve.

No one can go backwards but everyone can move forward in time. How excited are you about the upcoming 365 days of 2018? Imagine someone depositing 31 Million dollars in your bank account and you must spend it wisely because it erodes anyways. That is 31,536,000 seconds coming your way in 2018. It’s not happening for the first time in your life. However, the next 31.5 Million moments can transform your life and introduce you to your best version.

It is also explained in a much detailed manner in my book Welcome To You20.0. Here is a six step guide on how to find your Magic and be Limitless in 2018.

#1. Stop Fooling Yourself by Giving Excuses or Blaming Others: Acceptance

Do you have Mr. Right syndrome? List down the key reasons why some of the most important things have gone wrong in your life. For every failure, if you are always successful in passing the blame to someone or something that was not in your control, you have Mr. Right syndrome. It means, I’m always right and others are the reason for my failures.

What happens when you miss going for exercise or reach late to work or unable to start your dream journey or you have a souring relationship? The successful excuses you make or the blame you transfer to others pulls you into a pseudo comfort zone. It makes you Mr. Right but creates a trap that makes you feel good in the short term and robs you of a bright future in the long run.

You have all the resources you need and you have the ability to create the resources that you ever need for success. The above statement is a very empowering coaching principle. The First Step to achieving your dreams is to stop fooling yourself and get real.

#2. Believe the science of Achievement: Law of Attraction

All the great achievers have a common answer to the question “What’s the secret of your success?” Their answer, apart from many other things, is always “an unshakable belief in my vision”. This formula of success, also called as the famous Law of Attraction, is an open secret now, known to everyone but works only for those who believe in it. The real truth is whether you believe in it or not, it always works.

Believing in the Law of Attraction is an important step in your journey to your biggest dreams. The law states that you are a magnate and you attract everything in your life. The universe is constantly listening and responding to your wishes. What you have and what you are today is also a result of the law of attraction and it will further shape up your future. However, if you understand the law of attraction and believe in it, you can use it to your advantage. Just like gravity always existed but when Newton discovered it from a different point of view, science was able to create many instruments that use the law of gravity. A strong belief in the Law of attraction takes you forward into your dream journey.

#3. Know what you want: Dreams and Goals

It’s very interesting to see that a lot of high potential people reach nowhere in life just because they don’t know where they wanted to go. They live default life, which means that they take life one day at a time and face the day as things come to them.

The greatest favor you can do to yourself is to list down what all you want from life. It’s your life and you have the right to live a life by design and not by default. The real life begins when you know what all you want to achieve. Listing down your own dreams itself is a self discovery process. Grab a pen and paper and list down at least 20 dreams. You will be surprised knowing yourself a little more. You can use the COMPELS process from my book Welcome To You20.0 or my Youtube Video to write down your dreams.

Once you complete this important step of listing down what you want to achieve, new possibilities and avenues open up for you to achieve the same. Your dream could be to reduce 15 kgs of weight or buy a dream house or a dream car, it could even be to be the best parent or become the prime minister of the country. Once you list it down, the universe is not only listening but also responding.

#4. Take Complete Ownership of your dreams: CEO

One of the real reasons the law of attraction does not work for some people is that they do not take a non negotiable ownership of their vision. How many people really care about your dreams? You will be lucky if you can find even two such people. When no one even cares about your dream, how can you expect someone to own your dream? One of the biggest mistakes people make is to believe that someone is there to take care.

Your dream is your own responsibility. You are the only CEO of your vision to start with. Once you enroll people into your vision and relate it to their own vision, it might become their vision too. That’s how some companies get committed employees and leaders get ardent followers.

The CEO mindset enables you to think that the buck starts at you and it stops at you. It empowers you to pursue your dreams with enthusiasm in a non negotiable manner. You may have one or more dreams but you are the CEO of all of them and you can achieve all of those together. All you need to do is BE THE CEO OF YOUR VISION. CEO mindset is the most important step in your journey towards being limitless.

#5. Do Whatever It Takes: Action

Most people have a fear of the unknown and hence they repeat the same activities that they are used to of doing, even if they are painful. The funny thing is that they expect different result while repeating the same activity.

If you want to achieve what you have never achieved before and become extra ordinary, you must be excited to do things that you have never done before. Many successful employees turned entrepreneurs started their new journey by sweeping the floor of their office and travelling by train or economy class in a budget airlines even though they were used to of business class travel in a premium airlines and entering a best view cabin in a world class office full of serving staff.

You should feel proud in doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. Action develops understanding and moves you forward. Action supersedes any number of books you read or motivation you receive or even the Universities you attend. You may feel that people are watching you but they don’t matter. Why bother about people who don’t even care about you or your dream?

Every day, your action should take you closer to your Dreams or it will introduce you to new challenges on your way. Either way, you are making a positive progress. Once you know your dream and take a step in that direction even if it’s an unfamiliar territory, you are differentiating yourself from the crowd and discovering your new version. Even a journey of a thousand miles also starts with a first step. That’s what eventually gives you the edge and introduce you to You20.0.

#6. Always Care and must Share: Team Player

Your Dream may appear selfish and there is nothing wrong in making it a starting point. After all, it gives you the motivation to take those first steps forward with enthusiasm.

However, if your vision is really grand, it’s not possible to complete it alone. A thousand mile journey may start with you alone taking the first step, by the time you complete it, there will be a complete caravan. A larger purpose always finds like-minded people. You must be excited about sharing your vision with others and explore possibilities of finding their purpose in the same. You will do it if you really care for others. Every achiever has done so by finding the right team on their way.

Ironically, the journey of sharing and caring is also full of challenges. Not everyone is aligned to your vision and some people even doubt your intentions when you care. However, it should not dishearten you, the people you need really exist. Your dream team will be there, every person around you has the potential to convert your dreams into reality. You must be focused on your mission with a heart full of love and care for others and full of belief for your dreams.

A genuine intent to work with people and helping them achieve their dreams is a key step in your own journey to achieving your own dreams. The world belong to those who share and care at the same time.


People make excuses and blame others for their non-achievements. You have the choice to be an Achiever and be the reason for that achievement. That’s the difference between winners and losers. Let the New Year be your Reason to begin a new chapter of your life and follow the simple steps to be an Achiever.

Knowing is Not Doing, Doing is Doing, If Knowing Were Doing, Everyone Would be Limitless

The Latest Secret to Achieving All Your Dreams

No, I can’t do it, it’s not my cup of tea”, I said with a sense of despair as I kept the phone down. As I cut the phone, I heard Deepak saying “Yes! you can”, I got further irritated. Deepak wanted me to run the 10K marathon next month. My own words were pinching me but that was the truth. I had never ran in past 20 years since I left college and my best efforts in past two days left me completely huffing and puffing before I reached even two Kilometers. Finally, my decision gave me a big relief. I changed the alarm from 5:00 am to 7:00 am and slept off.

The doorbell woke me up at 5:30 am, Deepak was at the door in his jogging dress. I was really annoyed seeing him and told him that I’m just not made for running but he seemed to be more confident about me and he once again said “Yes! you can”. So, we went to the park and he did his 12 KM over the next two hours while I exercised deep breathing after my limit of two KMs. On our way back I told him that 10K is out of question for me, not in a month and not ever. He asked me the reason but I had no proper answer. It’s just something I had never done before. “Do you want to do it?” he asked me in a serious tone. “Yes, I would love to but you see I can’t” I replied with full confidence.

“Yes! you can!” He said once again

“But how? can’t you see that my limit is only a couple of Kilometers” I said in a helpless tone.

“I know exactly how you are feeling right now because two years back, I also felt the same way as my limit was exactly 2 KMs, just like yours. However, I found out a secret and you see, now I run 20 KMs with ease and preparing for a full Marathon, I can see myself at the finish line already” Deepak said as he closed his eyes, visualizing his future. I also automatically closed my eyes and I smiled as I visualized myself at the finish line of 10K, the image was so amazing that I captured it in my memories.

As my eyes opened, I was interested in knowing his secret and if I can also use it. After all, it’s not a good sign to give up at 2 KMs at the age of 4. He said that he will tell me the secret after 15 days but for now, I have to believe that if he can do it, I can do it too. “Tomorrow we take rest and I will see you at the park on the day after at 5:30 in the morning” Deepak said as he left me thinking.

With a new belief and an amazing image in my mind, I worked hard over the next 15 days and even forgot to ask the secret as I completed 6 KMs and later on successfully completed the 10K next month with a few cramps. I ran 20K after another 6 months relatively easily and that evening I told Deepak that I want to run full marathon next year and he said “No, You can’t” and this time it was me who said “Yes! I can” and we both giggled with a high five followed by Cheers.

The most amazing thing happened. While I did this, I started getting better at everything in my life, not only physically but even mentally and in every possible area that I could think of.  My performance peaked at work, I created new benchmarks in sales and I made new friends.

If someone has done it, I can too” This empowering thought changed the meaning of my life as I found myself IN THE ZONE of achievement. Life had suddenly become awesome and I was feeling Powerful, very powerful indeed.

I had discovered a new secret formula of success that brought me in this ZONE OF ACHIEVEMENT. Later, I researched and realized that same is the formula of success of all the achievers. The formula is very simple and scientific and it started worked in my favor on a daily basis. Whatever I think in my mind, my body supports it completely while my every physical action further compliments my achievement mindset. I completely stopped saying or even thinking about “I can’t”. That’s where the magic really happened, In the Zone of Achievement, my conscious mind stopped recognizing the word failure while my subconscious mind tells me only one thing “Yes! You Can” while a strong image suggested as if I have done it before.

I realized that my sub-conscious mind has been re-wired to success and re-programmed to replace “No! I can’t” to “Yes! I can” The magic has started from within and now I have all the resources I ever need to succeed within me.

Sometimes, you can discover these amazing powers within yourself while some people need a Deepak – a coach to unleash their powers.

Unedited Introduction of Welcome To You20.0

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work ~ A P J Abdul Kalam

At what exact point in your life do you stop dreaming and start living a default life? For most people, this point comes as soon as their childhood ends and the realities of life kick in. It is my dream to inspire and encourage people at any stage in life to achieve their biggest dreams through this book. Here’s an inspiring story to start with.

I know of a gentleman, who was preparing to deliver a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management about leaving a legacy at the age of 83. The students were looking forward to hear his amazing story. As he prepared his speech about the important legacy called leaving a liveable earth, his entire life had flashed in front of his eyes.

Born in 1931 in a small town of Tamil Nadu, India, he grew up supplementing the meagre family income by selling newspapers. However, he never stopped dreaming and upgrading himself. His dreams, hard work and passion helped him earn the Bharat Ratna – the highest civilian award of India in 1997. The United Nations honoured him by recognizing his 79th birthday as “World Students day” and twice, in his 70s, he was nominated for the “MTV Youth Icon“. Could that be your life story too? With countless more achievements under his belt, he smiled as he walked to the podium because he never stopped growing and offering his services to the country. However, 5 minutes into the lecture, he collapsed, never to breathe again.

The 11th President and the missile man of India, A P J Abdul Kalam, died content, living his dream on 27th July, 2015. Though he never married, the entire world mourned his death. He realized the dreams that many people wouldn’t even dare to envision. He once said “Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work“. The real challenges come when people stop dreaming because they doubt the universe. In reality, they doubt themselves.

Do you deserve a life as accomplished and inspiring as APJ Abdul Kalam? When was your last significant upgrade? I’ve written this book because I’m perplexed. It is because I see people settling down too early, making compromises and cooking up daily excuses for not achieving their dreams. When you compromise on your dreams, you not only miss a self-upgrade, but also become guilty of not fulfilling your responsibility of contributing to the world. Why should world pay the price because of your complacency?

Have you ever sacrificed your own dreams for your family or other reasons? When will you become upset because you are not living a life of your own dreams? Do you even know what your dream is? Maybe you were so consumed managing the chores that you completely stopped dreaming. Maybe you tried a couple of times, failed in past and then gave up on your dreams. If it has happened to you, you are normal. This happens to most people. However, it’s not mandatory that everyone should go through the same regrets.

An important aspect of a happy life is in rising above the ordinary and becoming that extra ordinary. When you follow your big dreams, you end up creating your own best version. Humans are the only species that has the ability to dream big and achieve the same. When you go for it, you not only make a difference to the world but also get upgraded to your own higher versions. The version I call as You20.0 (you may read it as you twenty dot O). Why 20? The reason is inside the book.

This book will help you to make a difference by discovering and achieving a higher self. One of my favourite parts of this book is the proven process of finding your best version. The process may look funny but it works. I have conducted many workshops on this process and the results have been amazing.

If you are not clear about your dream, this book might just be your best resource of finding your purpose and achieving it through a step-by-step guided process. It’s not just another book; it’s your blueprint to success. If you are already clear about your big dream, this book has all the tools and techniques to help you in making those dreams come true. This book is full of practical wisdom to help you realize your dreams using many useful secrets and mantras for everyday excellence.

Read this book with an open mind. It is written to help you design and achieve the vision of your life. It begins with the basics and goes into the advanced principles of success in a simple language. Some of your limiting beliefs will be shattered, while a lot of secrets, specific to your needs, will be uncovered. You will also discover yourself in a way that you have never done before – it is that exciting!

What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams today? Is it fear of rejection or challenges related to time and money? Do you doubt your own competence or is something else stopping you? This book will take you through a thought-provoking journey and help you overcome some of your deepest fears and challenges. Finally, you reach You20.0, your highest version. You will become invincible.

A thorough research, workshops, learning from personal experiences and various interviews have gone into writing this book while still keeping it simple and relevant to fit you. This book will open your eyes to many modern as well as traditional tools to help you rise to your best. The principles discussed in this book have already been applied by some of the most successful people. There is no reason as to why they will not work for you.

The Secret Behind the Greatness of the Great

There is something special about secrets; they give you the edge. When was the last time someone confided in you? How did it feel? Didn’t you feel privileged? There are many secrets in this book that will add direct value to your life. Your success depends upon how best you use them.

One of the most common questions that greatest people face is “What is the secret of your success?” They are generous enough to share their own secrets. Not only the secret; they even share the detailed steps taken by them while using these secrets. They share it because they know that success lies in sharing the secret. However, some common people still don’t get it.

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.

~ Henry Ford

Have you heard about the famous secret Law of Attraction? Some secrets are meant to be very public. Thousands of books have been written on this subject. Millions of people have immensely benefitted from this secret Law of Attraction. It’s important for you to understand this secret before we move further. The secret is fundamental to your success, whether you know it or not.

You are the magnet and you attract anything you want in your life without any exceptions. You can be anything – even have or accomplish anything you desire– by adopting the Law of Attraction.

A life-changing secret has now been revealed to you at the beginning of the book. However, it will work only for those who believe 100 percent in it. Think about everything that you have achieved in your life so far. It has happened due to the Law of Attraction –a proven one that really works. This book, however, goes beyond the Law of Attraction and provides you with everything you need for dreaming big and achieving it.

Are You Ready for the Click?

The secret of your success is out.

You can do, become or have whatever you wish. The universe is ready to receive your commands. However, it’s very important for you to know exactly what you wish for.

One size does not fit all. You need the secret that is designed particularly for you. The laws of success are not different, though their degree of relevance may change from person to person.

Your success secret is embedded somewhere in this book. There will be a moment while reading this book when you will get The Click. You need to look for the signals with an open mind. Relax, it will come to you. It doesn’t matter if, right now, you don’t even know what you are looking for. The next few chapters will help you figure that out. When your purpose is clear, the right references will find you.

Are you wondering, “How will I know when the click happens?” It’s the same question that people have about finding love in their life. “What signals will I get? Will I hear the music? Will I have sleepless nights?”

Similarly, you may have a question, “Which page and which line number will give me the click?”

If you have all these questions, it’s okay. Trust the book and keep yourself in a receiving mode. Don’t block the signals because of your ego or a know-it-all attitude. You need to read and follow every word of the book. Your click is embedded in there. If you want to, even re-read the book – Some things are worth reading a second or even multiple times. When you hold a book, you can easily pause, rewind or even underline what makes sense to you. Sometimes, the voice of your heart is all you need to hear.

Some sections of the book might look like an exercise, they are intentional. Don’t skip them, everyone hates workout but that’s what gets you in shape. Some ideas might look repetitive; these are strategically placed to enter your subconscious mind. Some of the hard-hitting concepts have been described using you as the subject. Don’t feel offended – the idea is to make you feel like a participant rather than thinking it’s for someone else.

I hope…

Finally, I hope that you will enjoy reading this book while it adds value to your own life and the life of others through you. Throughout the book, you will find many real life stories and fables to emphasize certain points.

I hope, one day, writers will share your stories in their books. You have met so many personalities in life and you have been inspired by many great people. You have welcomed all of them into your life. Won’t it be great when, one day, your own best version knocks the door and you open it and say, Welcome to Me20.0?

The journey begins. Good luck.

If you have liked the unedited Introduction chapter of Welcome To You20.0, don’t wait, buy the complete book from any major online store. If you want to watch videos regarding the book, subscribe to my YouTube channel

Every employee is selling, are you missing this secret?

Last week, I met Harry (name changed), a business prospect working in a reputed IT MNC and he asked me what, “What product do you sell?” He seemed very passionate about the product and we both agreed that the product is the center of any business. Eventually, the customer pays the price for the value delivered by the product.

One thing led to another and harry shared with me that he was very frustrated with his job, though it’s a high paying job but he did not feel motivated at all, he was not getting his due recognition also at office. Part of the conversation went like this:

Me: “What Product do you sell?”

Harry: (almost laughing at my ignorance) “As I told you, my company sells the product, I’m just a software professional

Me: “Why does the company pay you salary?

Harry: (after some thought) “Because I deliver Value to them

Me: “That means you are the product, isn’t it?

Harry: (now irritated) “You can say that I guess

Me: “That means you sell your value and your customer; I mean your employer pays for it and if you are frustrated at work, you are not able to deliver the expected value

Harry felt offended though he did not express it to me but the meeting got over without much further discussion. However, a new theory was taking shape in my mind. I did some research (means Google) and here I am, connecting the dots.

Price is what you pay and value is what you get. Gone are the days when getting a job meant you are settled in life for good. Now-a-days, every employee is a product that is meant to deliver appropriate value to his employer. If you deliver more than expected value and you are a good salesman of your own product (yourself), you may keep raising the price. On the other hand, if you are not delivering appropriate value, your employer may stop using you and if the same attitude continues, you will soon be jobless. Also, your product (skill) needs to stay relevant to the current needs of the employers. Sometimes, people become outdated because they are not upgrading themselves and they wonder why they are not selling (read jobless) anymore.

However, being a good product alone is not good enough. You also need to sell yourself well. Sometimes, the employers fail to recognize your value due to policies, volumes or office politics. In such case, you must be able to showcase your work and your worth. If you are not good at it, don’t blame the eco-system, it’s unfortunate but it’s true these days. There is no need to undersell but if you are doing so, it’s almost your own fault.

Joey Gerard, a Chevrolet car salesman sold 13001 cars in 15 years. How did he do it? He believed that he sold himself before selling the car. According to him, he was the first product and then the car came. All car salesmen had the same physical product but if one is selling more cars than 100 others put together, it happened because he understood that he has to sell himself first, for that, he has to be good and also believe in self. That’s the same way how Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella reached top positions in Google and Microsoft.

Have you always wondered why some people are getting paid a lot more than what you think is their value? You may keep thinking that they are lucky or playing politics but the fact is that they are delivering a great value and they know how to sell the best product in the world – “themselves”. Product Performance is always recognized but if it is combined with a good sales and negotiation pitch, it can derive much more value.

Carrying a product mindset for self is the secret of personal success in corporate life. When you deliver great value as a product, your employer gets much higher value and willing to pay any price for you. Remember, employment is temporary but if you carry good value, you have no dearth of opportunities. You will be indispensable and also in demand.

You will do great if you are conscious about delivering great value considering yourself a product. At the end of each month, think, what value did I deliver? Am I getting paid more or less for the value I am delivering? Whether you are a software professional, a businessman, a doctor, a policeman, a teacher, politician, a parent or a home maker; you must deliver the value considering yourself a product. You are the primary product before the physical product (car, school, electronics etc.) comes.

You are the best product ever created. Do you believe in it and are you ready to sell it? Do it and you will be on your way to your best version. #WelcomeToYou20

5 Reasons Why Welcome To You20.0 is Unique and important for Dreamers like You?

While I was jogging along the park last week, an elderly person stopped me and asked “Are you the same person who wrote the you are welcome book?” I nodded in affirmation while I was smiling inside as someone unknown recognized me because of my work for the first time. Also, people find my book’s name quite confusing. Anyhow, this gentleman was a little more interested and after a little conversation, he asked me, “What is the USP of your book, why should I buy it?” I answered him to his and my own satisfaction and we moved on.

However, I decided to write this article about the USP of my book for everyone’s benefit. This book can make you Rich and famous. It has a lot of wisdom, stories, secrets, fables, quotes and most importantly a structured flow that will help you to achieve your biggest dreams. Most of the other self-help books also have it.

Watch the related video here

Welcome To You20.0 does not stop just here. Apart from the above, There are at least 5 more reasons why this book is unique and important.

Only book that Welcomes entrepreneurs and dreamers

Whether you have a big dream or you want to start your entrepreneurship journey, if your aspirations are lofty, be ready for facing rejections, ridicule and even mockery by most people. In fact, most dreamers don’t even start or wind up too soon because of the rejection they receive from the first few person they talk to. Unfortunately, these are the people the trust the most.

When you join a job, everyone congratulates you and there is even an induction or welcome session. However, that doesn’t happen when you are on your dream journey. You are on your own and you may need to do the most basic and mundane activities yourself. Welcome To You20.0 truly welcomes you into your dream journey and encourages you by giving you the much needed induction and showing you the right path.

Like it or not, it starts with what’s stopping YOU

Whether it’s your laziness, poverty mindset, ego or a habit of blaming others; the book starts with the issues head-on in the beginning itself. Don’t  think that it is written for someone else and not applicable to YOU, if you do that, it might make a good read but it will not make much difference in your own life.

Starting with acceptance is the best starting point to move in the right direction. When you successfully blame others for your failure, you get into long term self-damaging comfort zone. Once, you have the clarity of what’s stopping you from being your best version, the best version itself will follow.

Identification of dreams and life vision with worksheets

You know that you are a dreamer but you have never been clear about your dreams. It is because you never wrote your dreams down or you stopped too soon while writing. One of the key drivers of the book is the powerful proven process to identify all your dreams and then further working upon them to derive your various aspirations and the purpose of your life.

Have you ever thought what’s your life’s vision statement? Oprah Winfrey and Sir Richard Branson have one. The book even helps you write it down. Don’t worry, there are worksheets provided for you to do the same and a detailed process to guide you. So, you must have a personal copy of the book, it will contain your most precious dreams. You will be able to write some dreams that are hidden deep inside you right now. The COMPELS process is proven and used by many people to identify their purpose.

The only complete book from Dreams to Legacy

Welcome to You20.0 is a complete journey in a single book and it does not leave you in between. Not only it has everything you need to do to achieve your dreams, it also works upon your mindset.

What is your legacy and what’s your leadership legacy? What impact do you leave on others on a daily basis? Special stress has been given to what you leave behind and how you inspire the generations to come with your best version. As you upgrade yourself, the legacy you leave is that much more intense and a gift to the society. Imagine a road, a hospital or a stadium named after you. That’s your unique legacy.

Simple language yet powerful tools to assure you that you can do it

Simplicity of language is the core USP of Welcome To You20.0; everyone can read it in a flow. Care has been taken to simply deliver powerful messages. Lot of day-to-day stories, fables and events are described in a style that will not only make it fun to read but also keep your interest in your purpose. While you enjoy the book, it programs your sub-conscious mind and prepares you to become your best version.

A fear that most people have in undertaking a big journey is that they will not get any help and support. Welcome To You20.0 will introduce you to simple and powerful tools and techniques that are available for you to leverage for starting your journey. You will be surprised to know that the best tools to start your dream journey are present next to you right now. They will make you feel that you are not alone in your journey.

Finally, one of the key aspiration behind Welcome to You20.0 is to help its readers realize their dreams and potential and helping them to achieve the same. Welcome To You20.0: Your Journey to Your Best Version by Discovering and Achieving Your Dreams. Happy Reading Welcome to You20.0 #WelcomeToYou20

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Introducing My Book: Welcome To You20.0

I am very excited to share an important milestone in my literary journey. I am now a published Author, My book Welcome To You20.0 is now exclusively available at Online Shopping: Shop Online for Mobiles, Books, Watches, Shoes and More on pre-order at discounted price in India.

I would like to share a few lines about my book –

Multiply your net worth by 200 and imagine what you need to become to be that successful. Won’t that version of yours be much higher than what you are today?

Welcome to You20.0 is a thought-provoking journey that will challenge you to dream big and help you to achieve your best version during the process of pursuing those dreams.

My desire to share this proven formula for finding your most important dreams and the vision of your life is the key inspiration behind this book. This book unveils the secrets in a step-by-step approach that will assist you to raise yourself to help yourself as well as the humankind in a very simple, yet compelling manner.

Your passion to achieve your biggest dreams will introduce the world to your upgraded version – You20.0. It will show you how to live a life that you really deserve and leave a lasting legacy for everyone. This book will introduce you to existent simple tools that are readily available for you to start immediately. Most importantly, it will give you a strong mindset that will not allow you to give up until you win.

This book should answer many questions including the following 20 important questions for you –

  • What are the secret laws followed by the most successful people?
  • What is the role of my subconscious mind in shaping my life?
  • What are the current major roadblocks in my success?
  • What do others dream about?
  • What are my own dreams?
  • What is my life’s vision?
  • What is my best version possible?
  • Am I ready to accept my reality?
  • Am I in the zone of You20.0?
  • Do I have the required tools to fulfill my vision?
  • Am I ready to Change to fulfill my dreams?
  • Am I prepared to play the CEO of Me20.0?
  • Is Me20.0 my selfish version?
  • Am I ready to do whatever it takes to achieve my biggest dream?
  • Am I alone or is help available to me to achieve Me20.0?
  • Will I need a break from Me20.0?
  • Am I building a system?
  • Do I have a mindset to help everyone?
  • Do I want to be a king or king maker or none of these?
  • What is my legacy?

You will enjoy the book as you unfold a lot of secrets about yourself and the larger purpose of your life and how to go about achieving the same. I’m sure you will like the book and it will make a difference to lives of many people around the globe. Relaunch Your Best Version in 2017. If you like it, share with others too.

The book is available at discount on at The discount is only available for pre order period. After that the book will be available on all leading portals in India and worldwide at regular price.

Welcome to You20.0, Use my hashtag #WelcomeToYou20.0. The Journey begins

Be your best, all the best.