About Me

Namaste Dear,

Thanks for visiting my page.

This is Atul from the Garden City and Silicon Valley of India : Bangalore. I’m a reader, writer, leadership coach, an eCommerce and Real estate entrepreneur interacting with an extremely diverse set of people across countries like India, USA, UK, Singapore, Germany, middle east and several African nations.

I believe that every person must have big dreams and strive to achieve the same. That’s when he becomes his own highest version and help many people during the process.

You will find me blogging about networking, leadership, happiness, transformation, education, entrepreneurship, going global, financial freedom, helping others, India, current affairs and maybe personal stuff at times and of course humor. I hope to deliver value to people and help them to become a greater person who is willing to discover the best from within and help the society in many ways.

I love writingtravel and holidays. I have closely worked on professional, business and personal level with people of various parts of the world. Conducting sessions on leadership, motivation, commitment and passion etc is an integral part of what I do and that’s what has made me successful in life. I am fond of taking sessions, reading and writing and I’ve often received feedback that I should start writing professionally. My purpose is to gather my thoughts and share my knowledge as I believe it can make difference to lives of people around me and to people globally.

My next dream is to write a book and with due support from my friends and global family, I’m sure I would be of help in making the world a better place to live. I would love to introduce people to their extra-ordinary self.

You can visit My Website or My Facebook or Twitter to follow me or to know more about me.

Have a great day

Atul Jain


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Atul Jain What a very interesting Blog it highlights the two differences. An entrepreneur has to grow a second backbone and a Rhino Skin in business when dealing with light-fingered employees which in-turn looses faith in human nature. I will be following your blog looking forward to reading more. Best Wishes Ray


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