The Latest Secret to Achieving All Your Dreams

No, I can’t do it, it’s not my cup of tea”, I said with a sense of despair as I kept the phone down. As I cut the phone, I heard Deepak saying “Yes! you can”, I got further irritated. Deepak wanted me to run the 10K marathon next month. My own words were pinching me but that was the truth. I had never ran in past 20 years since I left college and my best efforts in past two days left me completely huffing and puffing before I reached even two Kilometers. Finally, my decision gave me a big relief. I changed the alarm from 5:00 am to 7:00 am and slept off.

The doorbell woke me up at 5:30 am, Deepak was at the door in his jogging dress. I was really annoyed seeing him and told him that I’m just not made for running but he seemed to be more confident about me and he once again said “Yes! you can”. So, we went to the park and he did his 12 KM over the next two hours while I exercised deep breathing after my limit of two KMs. On our way back I told him that 10K is out of question for me, not in a month and not ever. He asked me the reason but I had no proper answer. It’s just something I had never done before. “Do you want to do it?” he asked me in a serious tone. “Yes, I would love to but you see I can’t” I replied with full confidence.

“Yes! you can!” He said once again

“But how? can’t you see that my limit is only a couple of Kilometers” I said in a helpless tone.

“I know exactly how you are feeling right now because two years back, I also felt the same way as my limit was exactly 2 KMs, just like yours. However, I found out a secret and you see, now I run 20 KMs with ease and preparing for a full Marathon, I can see myself at the finish line already” Deepak said as he closed his eyes, visualizing his future. I also automatically closed my eyes and I smiled as I visualized myself at the finish line of 10K, the image was so amazing that I captured it in my memories.

As my eyes opened, I was interested in knowing his secret and if I can also use it. After all, it’s not a good sign to give up at 2 KMs at the age of 4. He said that he will tell me the secret after 15 days but for now, I have to believe that if he can do it, I can do it too. “Tomorrow we take rest and I will see you at the park on the day after at 5:30 in the morning” Deepak said as he left me thinking.

With a new belief and an amazing image in my mind, I worked hard over the next 15 days and even forgot to ask the secret as I completed 6 KMs and later on successfully completed the 10K next month with a few cramps. I ran 20K after another 6 months relatively easily and that evening I told Deepak that I want to run full marathon next year and he said “No, You can’t” and this time it was me who said “Yes! I can” and we both giggled with a high five followed by Cheers.

The most amazing thing happened. While I did this, I started getting better at everything in my life, not only physically but even mentally and in every possible area that I could think of.  My performance peaked at work, I created new benchmarks in sales and I made new friends.

If someone has done it, I can too” This empowering thought changed the meaning of my life as I found myself IN THE ZONE of achievement. Life had suddenly become awesome and I was feeling Powerful, very powerful indeed.

I had discovered a new secret formula of success that brought me in this ZONE OF ACHIEVEMENT. Later, I researched and realized that same is the formula of success of all the achievers. The formula is very simple and scientific and it started worked in my favor on a daily basis. Whatever I think in my mind, my body supports it completely while my every physical action further compliments my achievement mindset. I completely stopped saying or even thinking about “I can’t”. That’s where the magic really happened, In the Zone of Achievement, my conscious mind stopped recognizing the word failure while my subconscious mind tells me only one thing “Yes! You Can” while a strong image suggested as if I have done it before.

I realized that my sub-conscious mind has been re-wired to success and re-programmed to replace “No! I can’t” to “Yes! I can” The magic has started from within and now I have all the resources I ever need to succeed within me.

Sometimes, you can discover these amazing powers within yourself while some people need a Deepak – a coach to unleash their powers.


One thought on “The Latest Secret to Achieving All Your Dreams

  1. Amazingly written Atul!! you inspire me so much with your blogs. Like the concept of moving from “No, I can’t” to “Yes, I can” and being in this ZONE of achievement.


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