5 Reasons Why Welcome To You20.0 is Unique and important for Dreamers like You?

While I was jogging along the park last week, an elderly person stopped me and asked “Are you the same person who wrote the you are welcome book?” I nodded in affirmation while I was smiling inside as someone unknown recognized me because of my work for the first time. Also, people find my book’s name quite confusing. Anyhow, this gentleman was a little more interested and after a little conversation, he asked me, “What is the USP of your book, why should I buy it?” I answered him to his and my own satisfaction and we moved on.

However, I decided to write this article about the USP of my book for everyone’s benefit. This book can make you Rich and famous. It has a lot of wisdom, stories, secrets, fables, quotes and most importantly a structured flow that will help you to achieve your biggest dreams. Most of the other self-help books also have it.

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Welcome To You20.0 does not stop just here. Apart from the above, There are at least 5 more reasons why this book is unique and important.

Only book that Welcomes entrepreneurs and dreamers

Whether you have a big dream or you want to start your entrepreneurship journey, if your aspirations are lofty, be ready for facing rejections, ridicule and even mockery by most people. In fact, most dreamers don’t even start or wind up too soon because of the rejection they receive from the first few person they talk to. Unfortunately, these are the people the trust the most.

When you join a job, everyone congratulates you and there is even an induction or welcome session. However, that doesn’t happen when you are on your dream journey. You are on your own and you may need to do the most basic and mundane activities yourself. Welcome To You20.0 truly welcomes you into your dream journey and encourages you by giving you the much needed induction and showing you the right path.

Like it or not, it starts with what’s stopping YOU

Whether it’s your laziness, poverty mindset, ego or a habit of blaming others; the book starts with the issues head-on in the beginning itself. Don’t  think that it is written for someone else and not applicable to YOU, if you do that, it might make a good read but it will not make much difference in your own life.

Starting with acceptance is the best starting point to move in the right direction. When you successfully blame others for your failure, you get into long term self-damaging comfort zone. Once, you have the clarity of what’s stopping you from being your best version, the best version itself will follow.

Identification of dreams and life vision with worksheets

You know that you are a dreamer but you have never been clear about your dreams. It is because you never wrote your dreams down or you stopped too soon while writing. One of the key drivers of the book is the powerful proven process to identify all your dreams and then further working upon them to derive your various aspirations and the purpose of your life.

Have you ever thought what’s your life’s vision statement? Oprah Winfrey and Sir Richard Branson have one. The book even helps you write it down. Don’t worry, there are worksheets provided for you to do the same and a detailed process to guide you. So, you must have a personal copy of the book, it will contain your most precious dreams. You will be able to write some dreams that are hidden deep inside you right now. The COMPELS process is proven and used by many people to identify their purpose.

The only complete book from Dreams to Legacy

Welcome to You20.0 is a complete journey in a single book and it does not leave you in between. Not only it has everything you need to do to achieve your dreams, it also works upon your mindset.

What is your legacy and what’s your leadership legacy? What impact do you leave on others on a daily basis? Special stress has been given to what you leave behind and how you inspire the generations to come with your best version. As you upgrade yourself, the legacy you leave is that much more intense and a gift to the society. Imagine a road, a hospital or a stadium named after you. That’s your unique legacy.

Simple language yet powerful tools to assure you that you can do it

Simplicity of language is the core USP of Welcome To You20.0; everyone can read it in a flow. Care has been taken to simply deliver powerful messages. Lot of day-to-day stories, fables and events are described in a style that will not only make it fun to read but also keep your interest in your purpose. While you enjoy the book, it programs your sub-conscious mind and prepares you to become your best version.

A fear that most people have in undertaking a big journey is that they will not get any help and support. Welcome To You20.0 will introduce you to simple and powerful tools and techniques that are available for you to leverage for starting your journey. You will be surprised to know that the best tools to start your dream journey are present next to you right now. They will make you feel that you are not alone in your journey.

Finally, one of the key aspiration behind Welcome to You20.0 is to help its readers realize their dreams and potential and helping them to achieve the same. Welcome To You20.0: Your Journey to Your Best Version by Discovering and Achieving Your Dreams. Happy Reading Welcome to You20.0 #WelcomeToYou20

Watch the related video here


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