Question – Which Single skill is needed to grow very Big..!

Please answer the above question in comments below. My own answer ready with an article on the same. However, if my readers answers are way different, there’s no point in publishing the same.

I believe that everyone can reach upto a certain point in life, afterall everyone survives the day (well most do). However, there’s this one skill called ______________ required to make you very big. Please post your answers in comments or directly to me.


10 thoughts on “Question – Which Single skill is needed to grow very Big..!

  1. “Boldness” is that one single skill that will help anybody grow very big. If you are bold enough to face the challenges that life brings with it, nothing can stop ✋ you from growing big.

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  2. Being self-aware.
    I don’t know if “self-awareness” is a word, but that’s the sort of noun I’m going for. Basically, we can’t control how the rest of the world sees us or interprets the things we do. Whatever we do, however we act, the world may never see us as “big”.
    We can only control two things: our own actions, and how we interpret them. So if you’re self-aware, and you do what you want, and you like what you do, then you’ve made it BIG.

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